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Who We Are ?

DoeKesht Company is a fresh produce exporter who specializes in the export of top quality fresh fruits and vegetables to the global market. Founded in 1993, DorKesht Company is an agricultural enterprise with a wide experience within the fresh fruit and vegetable sector in Iran.
Our customers are from Russia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, UAE, Qatar

Reasons for choosing our company
Healthy Products
All our products are healthy and organic.
We Have Reputation.
We have been growing organic produce for customers since 1993.
Fresh products
All products are fresh and without defects
fast sending
Packing and shipping to all over the world
Varied packages
Package selection of different packing
Export of all kinds of fruits and vegetables
Our farmers
we are brilliant farmers
Michael Andrews
Michael Andrews

Born on the farm in Capay, Michael showed an early proficiency in the machine shop and is responsible for designing tools used on the farm today.

Kathleen Barsotti
Kathleen Barsotti

Born in Belmont, CA, Kathleen attended UC Riverside where she earned her B.S. in Agriculture. She is sole proprietor and manager of the farm.

mark ronson
mark ronson

He has commitment to build a strong financial model for farmers to connect produce directly to consumers by strategically managing our current programs.